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Garbage King
Laird, Elizabeth; Garbage King. : Barron's, 2003. $14.95 / $6.15 (Kindle), ISBN 0 7641 5679 9ISBN Paper 0 7641 2626 1.

Note: "...Elizabeth Laird's new novel takes readers on an unforgettable emotional journey. When Mamo's mother dies, he is abandoned in the shanties of Addis Ababa. Stolen by a child-trafficker and sold to a farmer, he is cruelly treated. Escaping back to the city, he meets another, very different runaway. Dani is rich, educated -- and fleeing his tyrannical father. Together they join a gang of homeless street boys who survive only by mutual bonds of trust and total dependence on each other."

Rating: R Grade: M / H Type: Book

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Subject: East Africa / Ethiopia / Fiction