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Sunjata , Warrior King of Mali
Fontes, Ron and Justine; Sandy Carruthers (illus.) Sunjata , Warrior King of Mali. Minneapolis: Lerner, 2008. $26.60, ISBN 978 0 8225 6758.

Note: This graphic novel explores the legend of Sunjata, the founder of the Mali Empire.

Review: Sunjata, the founder of the Mali empire, is celebrated in Sunjata : Warrior King of Mali. The legend is retold in graphic novel format by Justine and Ron Fontes and illustrated by Sandy Carruthers. The Fontes based their retelling of the Sunjata epic on tales in Epic Ancestors of the Sundjata Era recorded by David Conrad (47) Illustrator Sandy Carruthers was inspired by images in the Senegalese films Yeelen, directed by Souleymane Cissé and Keita: the Heritage of the Griot directed by Dani Kouyaté. (ibid). Conrad, who served as consultant for the publication, watched the book evolve from draft speckled with errors to a finished product he heartily recommends.

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Rating: HR Grade: E / M Type: Book

Reviewed by: Africa Access, July 2009

Subject: Sunjata / Sundiata / Mali / West Africa / Epics