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Chasing the Sun : Stories from Africa
Tadjo, Veronique (editor); Tadjo, Veronique (illus.) Chasing the Sun : Stories from Africa . London: A & C Black Publishers Ltd , 2008. $9.90, ISBN 9780713682175 / 0713682175 ISBN Paper 9780713682175 / 0713682175 .

Chasing the Sun edited by Ivorian VĂ©ronique Tadjo is a collection of writings by some of Africa's most prominent authors. Most are West Africans but East, North and Southern Africans are represented as well. Some of the writings are excerpts from longer works. A Lion Hunt by Joseph Lekuton is drawn from his autobiography Facing the Lion. Sosu's Call by Meshack Asare and The Drum by Chinua Achebe have appeared in picture book format. CABA reviewer Mavis Mhlauli praised the collection which she highly recommends to schools. "These stories written by different authors reflect diversity and encourage comparisons between oral tradition and contemporary writing. The collection also reflects the richness of African stories and folktales and can be used to introduce students to cultures that have been marginalized within mainstream knowledge. Finally, these narratives may serve as a resource for teaching about Africa." The About the Authors section in the addendum provides useful descriptions of each author.
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Subject: Fiction Anthology / Africa