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Anna Hibiscus (Anna Hibiscus series, bk. 1)
Atinuke; Tobia, Lauren (illus.) Anna Hibiscus (Anna Hibiscus series, bk. 1). Tulsa, OK: Kane Miller, 2010. $5.99 (pap), ISBN Paper 9781935279730 / 1935279734.

Note: In this first book in the Anna Hibiscus series, readers are introduced to the spunky bi-racial pre-schooler who lives in "Amazing Africa." Personal names and other cultural clues indicate that Anna's home country is Nigeria. Unfortunately this is never stated and can lead to the common error that Africa is a country. In chapter one 'Anna Hibiscus on Holiday,' we meet the members of Anna's very large extended family who live together in, "a wonderful house, in a beautiful garden, inside a big compound." This large family overwhelms Anna's Canadian mother who yearns for private time with her husband and three children. The two lifestyles nuclear vs. extended are compared during a beach holiday. In 'Auntie Comfort' Anna learns how to text her paternal aunt who lives in America and prepares for Auntie Comfort's visit home. In 'Anna Hibiscus Sells Oranges' Anna's marketing scheme puts poor market girls out of business. In 'Sweet Snow' Anna longs to experience the snow of her mother's country.

Rating: R / A Grade: P / E Type: Book

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Subject: Africa / Fiction / Nigeria / Black author / West Africa / Urban settings / City and town life