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Have Fun, Anna Hibiscus! (Anna Hibiscus series, bk. 4)
Atinuke; Tobia, Lauren (illus.) Have Fun, Anna Hibiscus! (Anna Hibiscus series, bk. 4). Tulsa, OK: Kane Miller, 2011. $5.99 (pap), ISBN Paper 9781610670081 / 1610670086.

Note: Anna Hibiscus has never been away from her home in Africa. But now she is going to Canada to visit her grandmother for Christmas. It takes Anna a little while to get used to wearing lots of clothes and eating different types of food. She also has to get used to Granny's dog, Qimmac. And though she misses her family, Anna soon makes friends and has a wonderful time." (Parents and educators should explain that Anna's home country is Nigeria.)

Rating: R / A Grade: P / E Type: Book

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Subject: Africa / Fiction / Nigeria / Black author / West Africa