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Githiora, Wambui; Wanjira. : Pennington Press, 2007. $14.95, ISBN 9781598583106.

Note: "It is the mid-1970s and Wanjira, one of Kenya's Children of Uhuru, or Children of Independence, has entered The University of Nairobi, the country's highest institution of learning, ready for the last stage of her preparation as one of Kenya's "Future Leaders." As she awakens to the social and political realities around her, Wanjira soon discovers that her nation's own coming-of-age will profoundly affect and challenge her emerging womanhood and identity as a young Kenyan woman. When she falls in love with Luka, a fellow student at the university, Wanjira is forced to confront the ethnic tensions that permeate her world, and which threaten to destroy the hopes, ideals, and aspirations of her generation."

Rating: HR Grade: M / H / AD Type: Book

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Subject: Kenya / East Africa / Fiction /