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Brave Music of a Distant Drum
Herbstein, Manu ; Brave Music of a Distant Drum. : Red Deer Press, 2011. , ISBN 978-0-88995-470-0 ISBN-10: 0-88995-470-4.

Note: "In Brave Music of a Distant Drum, a blind old slave woman, Ama, summons her son to come and write down her story so that her granddaughter and her granddaughter's children can one day read it and know their history. Ama's son, Kwame Zumbi - named Zacharias Williams by the white Christians who raised him - considers his mother an old pagan and has little interest in doing more than is necessary to fulfill his obligation to her. How he is changed by the acts of hearing and writing down the details of his mother's story is as powerful and important a story as Ama's. The story of an African enslaved in Brazil, Ama's story is violent - it includes murder, rape, and betrayal - and yet is is also a story of hope, courage, determination and love." Publisher's Note

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Subject: West Africa / Ghana / Fiction