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Once Upon a Time in Ghana : traditional Ewe stories retold in English
Cottrell, Anna and Agbotadua Kumassah; Once Upon a Time in Ghana : traditional Ewe stories retold in English. Accra , Ghana: Afram / African Books Collective (dist.), 2013. , .

Note: "This collection of original and traditional stories really is by the people, for the people. Imagine trekking across field after field under an intense African sun following a group of total strangers and hoping against hope that your old fashioned recording machine will work. Imagine then the joy when it all happens even though you do not understand a word of what is being said. This book gives an insight into each unique storyteller. Two and a half awe-inspiring hours spent with 84 year old Mr Nutsugah where one story flowed seamlessly into another. A day recording the fishermen in Anyako, as goats jumped up to eat bananas on the table, wide-eyed children wandered in and out, cocks crowed, men sawed and hammered just a few feet away. In Have, a wonderful and unexpected reception was given as the storytellers moved towards us, singing a welcome. Equally unexpected was the gift of bananas," Publisher

Rating: R Grade: E / M Type: Book

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Subject: West Africa / Ghana / Ewe (African people) -- Folklore.