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Why Anansi Has Eight Legs : A Tale from West Africa
Osei, Leah; Why Anansi Has Eight Legs : A Tale from West Africa. Huntington Beach, CA: Teacher Created Materials, 2014. $19.96, ISBN 978 1 4807 1692 6.

Note: " In this version of the story, Anansi ties a bit of web to each leg and leaves the other end with many friends who are cooking delicious food. When the food is ready, they will tug on the thread so that Anansi can eat the meal. Much to Anansi's surprise, all of the food is ready at once, causing each of Anansi's legs to be pulled in all different directions! As early readers follow the easy-to-read font they'll learn why spiders have such long, thin legs to this very day."Publisher

Rating: R Grade: E Type: Book

Reviewed by: Africa Access

Subject: West Africa / Folklore / West Africa / Ghana / Reader