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Orphan Boy: A Maasai Story
Mollel, Tololwa; Orphan Boy: A Maasai Story. : Clarion Books, 1990. $14.95, ISBN 0-89919-985-3.

Note: Though delighted that an orphan boy has come into his life, an old man becomes insatiably curious about the boy's mysterious powers.

Written by an Arusha Maasai of Tanzania and beautifully illustrated by an artist who traveled extensively in the lands he depicts, this book is a delightfully written story about the origin of the planet Venus. With a keen sensitivity to the African point of view which immediately points to our common humanity, it is a story about a boy who comes into the life of an old man who has no children of his own. Although he is joyful that the boy has come, he submits to human frailty when he betrays the boy's trust by becoming insatiably curious about his mysterious and secret powers. Told to him by his own grandfather while laboring on the family farm, the author tells the story of why the planet Venus is known as the Orphan Boy. It is a story that is likely to enchant young readers as well as old because it is a tale of youth and age, of strength and weakness, and of faithful affection despite broken trust. Highly recommended.

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Rating: HR Grade: P Type: Book

Reviewed by: Eren Giray, University of Illinois

Subject: East Africa / Fiction / Tanzania / Black author