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Chain of Fire
Naidoo, Beverly; Chain of Fire. : Lippincott / Harper Collins, 1990. $12.95, ISBN 0-397-32427-8.

Note: In this sequel to Journey to Jo'burg, thirteen year old Naledi and her family face removal to a desolate reservation.

An outstanding book which powerfully mixes the stuff of ordinary, daily life with the larger stuff of political conflict and personal courage. The reader can imagine her or himself actually there in a rural black South African community. Accurate and moving, this is as good a book as her highly praised (and awarded) Journey to Jo'burg, though perhaps not as immediately popular, perhaps because it takes a political struggle (against the forced removal of the community) as its immediate story.

Rating: R Grade: M H Type: Book

Reviewed by: Barbara Brown, Boston University

Subject: South Africa / Historical Fiction